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With our affiliation with the Heat and Frost Insulators Local 12 and the great apprenticeship program, X-Cell has an extremely high standard for the product we sell. From energy audits to condensation control, we have a full knowledge of all insulation needs and requirements to meet the standards of the NYS energy code. There is no job too big or small, and our prices are always competitive in this forever changing market.

We have a true commitment to top quality work and platinum level service.

We are seeing more and more extreme weather patterns across the world, and not surprisingly, this can impact how insulation installers respond on the jobsite. Recently, we caught up with Ed Anderson at X-Cell Insulation in Bohemia, New York to discuss how he has addressed extremely high heat and humidity in the northeast.

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Firestop is one of the most important components to the design of a new building and the corrective work in existing facilities. X-Cell has highly skilled and trained staff from all three of the manufacturers (Hilti,3M, STI). Being an FSC (firestop specialty contractor) also provides our clients with the comfort and knowledge that the company is constantly educating our entire staff of the forever changing life safety code. From construction joints to MEP firestop, we can offer a single source all inclusive firestop product.

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DocuLifeSafety is software developed by X-Cell to help you manage your facilities fire barriers.  Staying on top of your buildings life safety has never been easier when you take advantage of this simple service we provide. 

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featured project

Harlem Meer Center

We here at X-Cell are proud of what we do and how we do it.

The featured project is The Harlem Meer Center. This is a new state of the art ice rink in northern Central Park with a completion date of summer 2024. It is an honor to be associated with a community project of this scale which will offer years of enjoyment to the residents of the surrounding neighborhood.

Brain Soika was chosen to run the project for X-Cell. A master craftsman at his trade, Brian is installing Polystyrene insulation and fittings, finished with PVC jacket and fittings.

We are insulating all piping associated with the ice making process. The jacketing will be color coded to help identify which system is running within that piping. The insulation is crucial to the performance of this system and being airtight is critical to the piping not forming ice where warm air infiltrates the system.

The project is progressing nicely and will be completed on the summer 2024 schedule.

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